Anchorage Water Wastewater Utility Girdwood WWTP

Influent Pump Station (IPS) with below-grade wet well, above-grade building, 5 submersible wastewater pumps and variable speed drives, monorail, and associated piping and valves. Full SCADA and building automation.

Electrical Building (EB) with 2000A  switchgear and ATS with bypass, 350kw standby generator, and diesel fuel system with indoor day tank and outdoor diesel fuel storage tank. Full SCADA and building automation.

Operations Building (OB) with control room, laboratory, locker rooms, offices, conference room, and support facilities. Full SCADA and building automation.

Site-work with, yard piping, replacement of all existing electrical and SCADA distribution, site lighting, grading, paving, lagoon liner replacement, landscaping, and fencing. Four fully automated on-site de-watering pumps were utilized for the excavation of the IPS wet well. Pumping nearly 2 billion gallons of water over a 6 week period.

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