The Automation division designs, builds and installs industrial control systems. Capabilities include: UL Listed PLC & electrical mechanical control systems, SCADA Design and integration, instrumentation and calibration, and more.

We enjoy finding what our customers want and need and strive to give them the best system available.

We supply complete, fabricated, configured, and tested control systems.

Committed to customer success.

Automation Services

Project management

The team at TecPro strives for excellence in every way. Our ultimate goal is always to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Completing a job on time is very important to us and we accomplish this by planning and managing each job with efficiency and professionalism.  Working through projects and finding solutions is ingrained in all of us here at TecPro, because we care about what we do.  Our team of experts will stay on budget and on schedule.

Design & Engineering

Our design team has had over 30 years of experience and we have been a part of projects all over the world. We strive to provide our customers with what they need and want by listening to them.  We can design systems and panels to certain specifications or tailor them to the customer’s needs.

Hardware Design Specifications

One of our team’s priorities is to keep up with all the new technologies that are out there. However, our primary goal is to provide the best hardware and software for the application.  We understand very well that the best is not always the most recent and will help the customer with selecting the perfect solution.

Instrument & Electrical Design & Installations

Our team has many qualifications ranging from degreed engineers to certified electricians. We strive to be experts in understanding everything about the process we are working with and look for improvements to benefit the project and the customer.

Network Design

Security, flexibility, and usability are TecPro specialties. We are trained and certified in many facets of networking, including hard-wired, wireless, and radio communication.  Our goal is to keep it simple, secure, and useful.

Hardware Design and Panel Fabrication

We design and fabricate all control panels in our UL certified shop. Listening to the customer’s needs and creating robust, recognized solutions is one of our many talents.

Simulation and Factory Acceptance Testing

We want to make sure the panel works in our shop before it even leaves our doors. Our customers are invited to the shop to witness function tests on all control panels.  This ensures that the panels delivered are exactly as the customer envisioned.

Construction, Installation, Commissioning

We recognize that communication and coordination with other trades during the construction process can make or break any project. Our staff ensures that everyone works in an efficient manner with the end goal in mind.  We have skilled and qualified technicians that have been trained to handle all aspects of the construction, installation, and commissioning of our control panels.

Site Acceptance Testing and Startup

Our trained technicians make sure the process is working how it is supposed to and has exceeded the customer’s expectations. We are committed to working through any issues that may arise and finding the best solution.

Training Services

We strive to help our customer understand how to work with their new system. Customer training is integral in our work process and we are pleased to provide it with any system we work on.

Maintenance and Support

We maintain and support our customer’s sites with the idea that they should never worry about the performance of their system. Our technicians have the experience to handle all issues that may arise and have developed tools to accomplish this.  We want the best for all of our customers and we will work hard at exceeding their expectations every time.

We will always strive to:

  • Make wise decisions by finding the root causes and working towards the best solutions
  • Listen well to our customers, staff, and others to fully understand how we can succeed
  • Be efficient in all things to help us produce great results
  • Learn rapidly and eagerly to be able to contribute effectively when needed
  • Simplify by discovering practical solutions to hard problems
  • Stand for the values we have at TecPro
  • Enjoy what we do and genuinely care about our customers
  • Be honest with ourselves, TecPro, and with our customers
  • Seek what is best for our customers

For additional information about some of the projects the TecPro Automation division has performed, checkout our Automation Projects page.

TecPro is the Complete Solution

TecPro provides complete solutions for everything from Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services, SCADA System Design & Integration, and a full suite of Physical Security capabilities.


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