We offer a variety of video security solutions and work with a number of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the video security industry. The systems we recommend are typically edge-based systems that do not require a central server and offer distributed management. This minimizes the single points of failure and provides a greater level of security for your facility or business.

The TecPro team works with each customer individually to design an access control solution tailored their specific facility and designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer. We believe in providing the right solution for each customer and work diligently to design and implement only the best.

Our customers include small and medium sized businesses, banks, and government buyers. We provide security services for all levels of government including federal, state and local governments through our multiple award schedule contracts under GSA (GS-07F-0467U) or ValuePoint (formerly WSCA).

TecPro is the Complete Solution

TecPro provides complete solutions for everything from Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services, SCADA System Design & Integration, and a full suite of Physical Security capabilities.

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