USCG Potato Point and Cape Hinchinbrook Generator Replacement

Cape Hinchinbrook lighthouse and Potato Point are microwave communication stations located in the remote reaches of Prince William Sound.  These sites are powered by diesel generators and remotely monitored in Valdez, AK by the US Coast Guard.  Tec Pro designed, installed, and implemented a replacement generator SCADA system for both unmanned sites.  The project included automatic load control, generator load

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Anchorage Water Wastewater Utility Ship Creek Heat Exchanger Project

The project consists of three new heat exchangers with associated mechanical, electrical and controls housed within an addition to the existing Energy Recovery Station building. To incorporate the additional heat exchangers, four plant shut downs were executed to minimalize the city of Anchorage’s fresh water supply. The existing SCADA panels and communications were completely paralleled with the new system for

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Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project for Copper Valley Electric Association

Mechanical process piping in the powerhouse includes utility water connections from the high pressure (560psi) penstock line converted to low pressure for restroom facilities and plant wash down water. The powerhouse includes a full HVAC system utilizing warm air from the generator as a source of heat for return air as well as fresh air intake louvers on the outside

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Anchorage Water Wastewater Utility Girdwood WWTP

Influent Pump Station (IPS) with below-grade wet well, above-grade building, 5 submersible wastewater pumps and variable speed drives, monorail, and associated piping and valves. Full SCADA and building automation. Electrical Building (EB) with 2000A  switchgear and ATS with bypass, 350kw standby generator, and diesel fuel system with indoor day tank and outdoor diesel fuel storage tank. Full SCADA and building

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Alakanuk Bulk Fuel facility

This project included construction of a new elevated tank farm with 7x 50,000 gallon storage tanks, retail sales building, marine and inland fuel dispensing stations. Fully automated controls and winter emergency startup.

Anchorage Water Wastewater Utility Elmore Reservoir

The project included construction of 5 million gallon pre-stressed concrete reservoir and control building. The SCADA system utilizes both radio and fiber based communications to provide a completely automated station.

Humpback Creek Hydroelectric Project for Cordova Electric Cooperative

General: The primary project features include a dam diversion structure that ponds water at 174 feet elevation above the power plant floor and develops a 12 foot deep pond of water that reaches approximately 500 feet upstream. A tunnel-and-pipeline power conduit conveys water 1,900 feet to a power house. A 17,000 foot underground and submarine transmission line delivers power from

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Anchorage International Airport Fuel Farm Security

More than 2 million gallons of jet fuel is pumped through the Anchorage International Airport Fuel Farm facility each day. At any one time the tanks are holding over 15 million gallons of fuel. This immense facility is operated by just a few technicians. To adequately and securely monitor a facility of this size is nearly impossible without either hiring

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